1. ghostchaser09 answered: i think that,that episode was one of the best ones yet.
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  3. me-like-bands-more-then-u answered: OML i loved it!!!!
  4. edstew49 answered: I like all of the episodes. I do have a question, have you gone to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California?
  5. magicbuffet answered: I think the unexplained voice said, “It’s been a long time”.
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    Traduction : Dites nous : Qu’avez vous pensé de l’épisode de Ghost Adventures d’hier soir ?
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  9. nativeluver answered: I absolutely loved it some serious evidence was documented and the EVPs were insane. ♥ GAC
  10. consultspookybluebell answered: FANTASTIC. It was awesome and scary. Like, “Check behind you—Is the door locked?!—-OH GOD IS SOMEONE IN THE WINDOW!?” scary.
  11. bluejean79 answered: i know i watched it i just dont remember. damn you concusion
  12. for-a-body-in-the-garden answered: i wanna know what the family secret was!!!!!!!1!!!
  13. chammi91 answered: stunning, great evidences.
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    That chick is totally staring at Zak’s ass… js.
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  16. heughanalwaysinmydreams answered: The psychic in the beginning was scary…
  17. lacemeuptighter answered: Haven’t seen it yet! going to watch it tonight with my mom